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Dec 6, 2013 8:00pm PST
people like bobby bennett and mentally ill man who was shot four times by a police officer despite the fact that he showed no threat for us kelly thomas homeless man who was beaten back by six officers who responded to a cruel bottom and jiggling car door handles in a tree in the parking lot. turns out thomas was suffering from severe schizophrenia. and of course there was that he said miriam carry on connecticut mother was shot to death after trying to ram her car for a white house theory or later it was discovered that kerry was suffering from postpartum psychosis. it's altered patients like these that are beginning to call into question just how police are trained to deal with the mentally l to discuss us a little bit more i'm chewing earlier by neil bar but a civil rights attorney. i first asked him whether it's mandatory for all police departments across the country to train the police force on how to respond to the mentally ill the country. each apartment from his own rules and regulations songs. at this point were they all have such regulations. it is clear that each and every o
Dec 5, 2013 5:30pm PST
schools to pleasant environment. in a dead yet. if she were to be medina bobby is in utah. and that means a new line. ross from children to fund the top these plants are moving next summer. they should eventually be joined by thousands more residents are no plans for another role on the end of the hill are already in the offing. each count in the nfc spying scandal in the quarter the washington post the agencies gathered in the finals begin to cause that will actually use as a b day the report cites unnamed nsa officials as saying the agency is taking hundreds of millions of cell phones worldwide. us officials say they used today to develop intelligence about foreign targets in mass relationships two possible candidates the report is based on documents obtained by former nsa contractors and would snow. in many parts of the world when people are a second language teachers english. english speakers. it was one school in britain and the time to encounter stake in sky and carolyn as a second language. warning to our viewers to support these are some dangers the cute kids. the eye. these
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2